Month: January 2011

Community Inspiration

Trying to win it

I wonder if I will win a car or the lottery first. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I am working on it and trying to do both. I can’t wait!!! Of course, if I win the lottery, I will do the predictable first (pay off mortgage, school debt and give a chunk to those I love). But then…who knows?!

I like to think about a big party, something fun where I can spoil the guests and they would get neat parting gifts that will make them all happy. Or I might just open a little book shop, where I make all the rules and treat the customers like old friends and we all drink lattes and talk about the passage of time and where does it go and if the Phillies won it again and where we were when major life events happened. I am still just dreaming it all up. What fun!