Month: July 2014

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My Work

My adventure of a stay at home mom continues and it has been a whole year! It’s hard to believe that I worked outside the home from the time Brady was 3 months – 18 months but I did and it’s what makes me realize and always remember just how sweet these days at home are. Even when the dog is crazy and the kids are crazy and I’m crazy, I still love my job. I NEVER knew what it was like to love your job until very recently. People often talk about loving their job and over the years I thought maybe I loved my jobs too…I could not have been more wrong. That right there…the fact that I “thought” I loved my job is evidence that I SO DID NOT love my job. Ever date anyone you “thought” you loved…right.

So I’m pretty sure I loved my stay at home job since day one, however, the revelation of, “this is what it must feel like to love your job” didn’t hit me until about February. I remember it was a cold snowy day and me and Brady got up early to go babysit our friend, Samantha. I was driving down the road with my little guy in the back seat and I thought, “Wow, this is great – WOHA, I LOVE MY JOB!” Sounds kinda silly, but once I realized that was what was happening, my job got even more fun and I take it very seriously. I’m always volunteering for new projects like researching non-toxic products, how to make your own cleaning supplies, how to eat healthier, recipes, you name it. Being home affords me the time to look into these things more closely for my family and in turn I think it makes a huge difference in our physical and emotional health.

“Work” is a funny thing. I think about it often. It’s so many things. It’s not just a 9-5, or doing what you studied in college. It’s volunteering, it’s parenting, it’s also a 9-5 and doing what you studied in college. It’s how we feel productive. How we contribute to society, or even how we think we are contributing to society. It’s a major force in our lives, all of us, and whether it’s paid or unpaid, it’s part of our story and a huge part of each of our journeys. My “work” has been so many things but my recent work is so different than I ever thought work could be. It’s parenting, mothering, nurturing, cleaning, cooking, creating in countless ways, entertaining, researching, volunteering, consulting for my friend’s company, motivating, loving, living and being. It’s so much more than all of that but that’s what comes to mind presently. I love my work, even when I’m cranky and I seem like I hate my work, I’m fooling you.


Welcome Meadow Claire!!!

On Thursday, May 22, 2014, I became a mom again. We welcomed Meadow Claire at 10:07am and she is a precious little bunny. I just love every little thing about her. Her birth was beautifully, intensely amazing. So different than Brady’s birth and a major difference is that Meadow’s birth was unmedicated. I feel that her birth story is so personal and it was such an emotional journey that I actually had trouble documenting it in words. That bothered me at first because my personal journal is such a huge piece of me and to not be able to record one of the most precious days of my life felt very strange. That’s why it took me several weeks to actually write Meadow’s birth story in my journal, I kept having to come back to it…I didn’t know what to say or how to tell the story that was so big inside of me but had no words. I also have a toddler, that probably had something to do with me having to stop several times as well.  : )-

I found comfort in recording the story as too big for words and wrote about the journey being like no other for me, that it was mindfulness embodied, how grateful I was for all of the preparation that I did and all of those that were present for it and immediately following. I pulled from inner strength that I did not know lived in me and that memory will now always be a part of my story. My mind’s eye guided me in the brightest way and I felt great shock in the hours and days following Meadow’s birth that I actually had the beautiful, natural birth I’d been hoping for over many, many months. Before I learned of Meadow, I knew that was our plan, to bring her into the world naturally and I felt it with every fiber that was how her birth would go and it was just as it should. Just as Brady’s amazing birth unfolded as it should.

Meadow is 5 weeks now and we are still in awe of her. I know that will never fade as I look at Brady each day with the same feeling.