"Struggle precedes growth and incompatibility is central to struggle."

Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. Author, Raising Human Beings

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Zac Brown Band and Business Investments

You know when you just hear something and it makes you feel happy? That’s what the Zac Brown Band’s music does for me. I spent the weekend at a local holistic expo and had a 45 minute commute each way for 3 consecutive days – something I have never done or had. It was a lot of time in the car with Zac Brown and my thoughts.

The weekend was a big business investment for me and at the beginning it felt like a HUGE misstep. It seemed pretty obvious that I would take a loss on the whole event. But then I reevaluated how I was measuring this so called loss and felt really sure that I had miscalculated.

I met a new friend and got to spend an entire weekend with her. A woman who is older and wiser than I and who has psychic capabilities – something I am studying on my own and have always been interested in. We also had much to talk about how mothering has shifted our whole existence. Additionally, I had several meaningful conversations, had sales that did in fact exceed my initial expectations and several genuine business leads.

While there I reviewed some of my notes from a parenting book I recently started reading called Raising Human Beings by Ross Greene and this quote stuck out to me, “Struggle precedes growth and incompatibility is central to struggle.” I can see the relevancy to parenting quite obviously, however, when reading this with business on the mind, I found it applicable too.

The struggle for me was first the decision to make the investment – of time, energy and resources – and then to go through an entire weekend wondering how it was all going to turn out in the end. Would I do an event like this again? Definitely not anytime in the near future. From this I’ve learned what I already knew and that is that I’d rather do a small event and have genuine and even deep conversations with few than serve many and have surface chats. This reminded me of my internship in college at the Sheraton in Society Hill Philadelphia – I thought I wanted to work at a hotel…until I actually did. It was a great learning experience and told me what I did not want to do next time.

But this weekend working and away from my home, my sanctuary, helped me to feel some vulnerability, some appreciation upon my return and some more patience with the kids because I missed them so much. I also laughed and cried with Zac Brown a few times, especially during my favorite song, “Remedy.” He says:

Jesus preached the golden rule
Buddha taught it too
Gandhi said eye for an eye
Makes the whole world go blind
With a little understanding
We can break these chains
That we’ve been handed
I’ve got the medication
Love is the remedy
-Zac Brown Band
Breaking these chains that we’ve been handed has always been one of my favorite lines but even more so this weekend as I was among so many people who are living their life away from the mainstream way of living and striving to bring awareness to their actions and how they affect others. I’m not saying their way is better or worse, but it is their way.
I’ve been thinking about the mark
That I’ll be leaving
Been looking for a truth
I can believe in
I got everything I need
Let this heart be my guide
In love, in music, in life
-Zac Brown Band
These are some powerful words and I can feel them move through me when he sings them. Who doesn’t think about the mark they’ll be leaving? One of the most profound messages to me that I’ve received through many yoga and meditation teachers is that you are already home, you already have all the answers inside of you, you have everything you need. This part of the song reaffirms that for me.
I’m not saying I’m a wise man
Heaven knows there’s much that I’m still finding
Making my way down this winding road
Holding on to what I love
Yeah, and leaving the rest behind
For love, for music, for life
-Zac Brown Band
Just because he has these universal truths to share, he’s also sharing that he’s still finding his way, as we all are.
We’re all in this world together
Life’s a gift that we have to treasure
Happiness, now that is the measure
Love is the remedy
-Zac Brown Band
I just also love the music so much because it’s something that I share with the love of my life. We’ve been to a few of their concerts and they are some of the best memories I’ll ever have – listening to powerful words that resonate with me alongside my best friend with a beer in my hand. What more could you ask for?

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