Month: December 2017

My Sister

Family Identity Inspiration Simplicity

My Sister

She is beautiful – inside & out.
I believe we chose each other before we became Jill & Marjorie
We are so alike,
We are so different.

Between us four kids – each boy/girl combos
“So fun to parent one of each,” we say.
Different people on different paths alongside each other
Enjoying the stories and the lessons that the other gathers and collects.

Always my protector when we were little.
“Get in the car, Marge.”
She’d tell me, she’d shield me.
Now both adults, we shift and offer/receive protection as needed.

Our lives always intertwined,
Our growth aligned.

Siblings are interesting as I parent a set
They fight and they play
Always having their partner there
Growing up & being sibling friends
Savoring a treat that life lends.