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Hi I’m Marjorie! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a curious soapmaker, blogger, mom & wife from Philadelphia. I started crafting products (lip balm, soap, bath salts) for my growing family and from there my business bloomed.

If you’re looking for simple, nourishing soaps that are made in small batches full of love, look no further and explore here.

My lip balms have been making my lips happy for years and honestly, I stated making them because I JUST. LOVE. LIP. BALM. They can be found here! And if you’re into baths, because let’s face it, you deserve to unwind and relax, you might want to indulge in a bath salt blend like these.

I put together some gift sets too! I hope they make your life easier. I truly enjoy putting them together and imagine the recipient being so excited! These gift sets are great for birthdays, teachers, bridesmaids, mother’s day, someone that needs to be pampered or someone that could use some extra love.

I work really hard to source products and food for my family and myself that I can feel good about. I also have an insatiable sense of wanderlust that leads me to explore via occasional travel, many books and mostly creating local adventures on a weekly basis. And this is where I write about it all.

I’ve bemarjoriesarahen inspired and I want to contribute to a community that gives me joy and energy and I hope to be an inspiration to others along the way to live a life of intention and authenticity.

Connection is one of the most important things to me. Feeling connected to purpose, to self, to love, to those closest to me gives me energy to live. This is where I tell my story of connection and where I think out things when I’m feeling disconnected.

I LOVE my family, learning, creating, sharing, life, yoga, authenticity, spirit, connecting with your soul, real food, a warm cup of tea, laughs and you.

Artist Bio:      Marjorie Sarah Cottrell, Student of the Universe

Marjorie Sarah’s desire to learn, create & share led her to create simple, self-care products and gifts in her home. Her product line includes handcrafted natural lip balms, soap, earrings and luxurious bath salt blends containing simple, nourishing ingredients. And love, lots of love.

Marjorie is a small-town girl from a mid-sized city (Philadelphia). She is married to her best friend, Sean, and they have two, young, spirited children and one funny dog. Marjorie’s true loves are her family, learning, creating, sharing, life, real food, a warm cup of tea, non-fiction books, exploring and laughs. Yoga and meditation keep her grounded and her unorganized, messy, beautiful life makes her feel alive.

Marjorie is a graduate from Temple University and her professional experience was working in Hospitality Management in Philadelphia. Presently, she enjoys full-time mothering & nurturing her budding business.